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why do you need to hire an seo consultant or expert

Why You Need to Hire an SEO Consultant

It is very hard for businesses to stay relevant in the media amongst millions of competitors fighting for number one. Even more so, considering the ever-changing algorithms of search engines. Online marketing consultations are becoming increasingly popular as businesses seek to rise in these new realms. More specifically, SEO consultations have become necessary. To help […]
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does omnichannel exist

Does Omnichannel Really Exist?

‘Omnichannel’ has passed buzzword status and is now heard left and right in discussions on customer service. It is the combination of pathways, using different technologies, between the customer and the business. For example, web-accessible information that can also be reached over the phone or that links a customer to other methods of contact, such […]
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the cost of bad customer service

The Cost of Bad Customer Service

Any business with customers should know that their business is centred around the people they work with and their satisfaction. Bad customer service is enough to drive customers away forever and sacrifice their trust and your business’ reputation. Businesses lose up to $62 billion every year due to bad customer service. But does the bad […]
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4 google analytics goal types

4 Google Analytics Goal Types

Knowing how useful Google Analytics’ ‘Goals’ feature is to online marketers, we are all dying to use it. But there’s little point in using Goals without knowing what functions are affecting what. It’s handy to know how to set up each goal type, from Destination to Visit Duration, Page/Visit to Event. Don’t know how? Here’s […]
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mobile a/b testing

How to Perform Mobile A/B Tests?

You’ve heard of A/B or Split Testing for desktop websites. Now, how can we make this an even more adaptable function? Since it is often far more convenient for us to access information on our smartphones, a mobile version is essential. By extending website testing to mobile apps, you can really get the most out […]
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what customers think

What Customers Think

Taking an interest in feedback is the key factor to the improvement of a business’ customer service. After all, brainstorming solutions without knowing the real problems is totally pointless. So, what are customers thinking? While 80% businesses are out there saying their customer service is superior, only a sorry 8% of customers agree businesses don’t […]
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how to perform a comprehensive website audit

How to Perform a Comprehensive Website Audit

It’s hard to consider all of the many factors that go into your website’s performance. But missing some may well mean missing out on first-page search rankings and a large amount of business too. This is where website audits come in handy. In order to optimise your website’s performance, a website audit will take into […]
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