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what is conversion rate optimisation and cro analytics

Importance of CRO

Increased traffic to your website is a big reason to celebrate. But how much does it mean to you if visitors to your site don’t do much other than visit? For it to really be worth all the search optimisation and the ads, surely there has to be some return. If you’re using pay per […]
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Customer Services Statistics You Can't Ignore

Customer Services Statistics You Can’t Ignore

Customer Service quality is what divides businesses up into those that have loyal, grateful customers and those that have customers whispering rumours of their bad service. Those in the first group are, of course, the ones making a larger profit as 45% of customers will pay more solely to guarantee impressive service levels. Bringing the […]
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customer focused ceo

Customer Service Focused CEO

The most competent companies are led by CEOs who are truly customer service focused and make clear decisions based on connecting people. A good CEO would not distance themselves from customers with a high and mighty mindset but would do the opposite and creates easy paths to their customers.  Customer service needs to move from […]
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conversation management

Conversation Management – What is it?

Conversation management is the way businesses interact with their customers with regards to the information being exchanged, which can be very effective, depending on the actions taken. Good conversation management is all about being customer-centric and focusing on the whole conversation with a customer as a business rather than dealing with individual specks of input. […]
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how to know a good seo company

How to Identify a Good SEO Company?

Finding a reliable and trustworthy SEO company can help you establish a successful brand and ensuring that you have the best possible online presence. The difference between a boom in organic traffic and a drop in Google rankings comes down to choosing between a good and bad Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) expert. Many companies can’t […]
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Qualities of an Ideal SEO Service

Qualities of an Ideal SEO Professional

SEO is essential for any business to gain online visibility. Optimising for search engines allows a business to reach a broader set of audience. Nowadays, it’s tough for any local business or company to survive without a solid online presence. This is the main reason companies need the help of SEO experts. When searching for […]
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