Why our price is different?

Little industry secret. We are the oldest running SEO agency in Australia. Our background was in developing applications for startups and commercialising research and development projects from universities in healthcare and technology. This goes to show how long we have been doing SEO. Did you know we have been doing SEO for clients since 2004? There are plenty of experts out there, but we know experts are those who have done their line of work for more than ten years day in day out. There are also plenty of SEO specialists who claim to provide a world of results for a small monthly investment. Unfortunately, I will disappoint and say clearly you pay for what you get. On the other end of the spectrum, there are big agencies who expect you to pay over $7,000+ for an entire marketing campaign with a large team, run several reports for you but fail to deliver on the outcome - helping your business accelerate to growth.

Who are we?

You don’t work with a new intern, SEO account manager or a new SEO apprentice. There are plenty of SEO Specialists, Digital Strategists and SEO experts who will talk big about ranking for number 1, thousands of traffic volume and unrealistic promises. At 532m, the people who work for you are past successful startup founders who have exited out of multiple companies, who know to engineer, know how to growth hack and code and understand Google technically. Importantly we will share over ten years SEO technical and business experience each when delivering the work for you. The founding team alone have exited out of high growth companies in New York, Australia and APEC.

How much does SEO cost?

Our team have completed SEO projects for global startups, enterprises, corporates and SMEs. Several of our clients have grown so fast and gone on to exit or acquisition. If you want the best in the industry who deliver and get the work done the first time, you’re not going to find the price list here. Our motto is marketing made transparent, and when we work with every client, we provide the full transparent price for everything completed because we understand each business comes from a different industry and targets a specific audience.

Can you be more transparent
about pricing?

To understand the amount of work, milestones and deliverables, we work to understand your current website design and usability, your industry, we work at putting our feet into your shoes as a business owner and work out the costs and economics of running an SEO campaign. If we see that this will work for you, we build an SEO strategy that works out in detail how we will build out and target the customers you want. If we believe that you won’t get any long term benefits using us, we will tell you upfront, and advise that you don’t work with us. No commitment, no loss.

The amount of work we will outline in a deliverables document will include your current market position, industry segment, website technical architecture, previous SEO work, competitor analysis and keyword research, to name a few. This is where the majority of other SEO providers fail, they try to fit you into a one size fits all solution, and forget specific industries require more hours of work and are more competitive. That’s why every client we have worked with, we have been able to demonstrate clear and solid improvements month on month, year on year.

What makes your processes

We benchmark where you are to set a baseline. And then go about to capture and measure every single aspect of your digital traffic and conversion. The way we treat your business and site is similar to a patient undergoing a medical examination and running test results, and then attaching monitoring equipment to measure vital signs. We do this for your entire digital assets, so we can measure the work we do, transparently show you the changes each month and demonstrate the milestones and goal post metrics. Everything is measured, we don’t pretend to show you green graphs and page one results for random search terms, we focus on measuring the search results that will drive your business results and traffic.

We’re not the cheapest... Because we focus on getting your business to grow to open more shops, be acquired or get more funding. If your business does not have this mindset, we don’t work with you. Successful companies understand cheap SEO creates more problems and headaches. What could go wrong with a $499 a month subscription to traffic and page 1 keyword domination?

Risks include

Long term negative SEO damage.
Outsourced work which has not quality assurance
Black hat strategies which result in Google Penalties
They do nothing literally and just run reports and get your page one results for keywords that have zero traffic.

From experience, there are several digital agencies, web SEO services, and so-called individuals with minimal training who believe they can deliver the results for you. Over the 15+ years experience doing SEO, I have had 100s of clients come to me asking for the work to be fixed, repaired and in some cases, recovered from a blacklisted negative SEO work. The churn and burn at these agencies and SEO providers is huge because they just need your money, they don’t walk you through your SEO results and performance. We will do what is required for you, get the results you need on-going and sometimes just leave it at that. We’re transparent, upfront and able to articulate even at the most technical level.

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Pricing FAQ's

You can request an obligation-free quote by completing our online form, sending us an email, or by calling (02) 8604 4036.
We understand time is precious for all business owners and managers, so to assist, we process all payments using direct debit via credit card or bank account. We will help set this all up for you, so there is no need to chase around invoices or follow up on lost payments.
Yes, we offer long-term contracts and will bill you on a monthly basis. We encourage clients to commit long-term to retain their visibility on Google search. (In fact, some of our clients have been with us for over five years.) For those unsure whether or not they need long-term SEO service, we’ll take time to talk to you and analyse the marketing landscape specific to your industry. A long-term SEO approach takes into consideration industry competitiveness and how fast things can change with every Google algorithm update.
Yes, we offer month-to-month SEO contracts. We understand how unpredictable it is to run a business and acknowledge our clients’ budget constraints. Our goal is to cultivate a lasting relationship wherein you can approach us whenever you need that extra boost.
Our team will send you the complete SEO plan, so you’ll know exactly what to expect every step of the way. You will receive monthly reports to keep track of deliverables and search rankings. Depending on your availability, there would be a monthly strategy review where you can communicate any business updates, additional requests, or even change of business or product direction.
Many agencies will promise to make your website rank on Google for a number of keywords in a short span of time. This may seem good on paper, but, in reality, these “easy keywords” will not bring any traffic or value to your website. The fact is that making your website rank #1 depends on a number of things including your industry, competition, and the quality of your existing website. SEO entails a lot of hard work. We guarantee to implement tried-and-tested SEO fundamentals and implement a solid, long-term approach to making your website rank for keywords that will drive traffic and revenue to your business.
No hidden fees. We scope out all work which is required, work which is outside of scope and work that we need additional clarification before the start of each milestone.
work on any lock-in contracts. We work based on clearly defined deliverable milestones and dates to complete the work.

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