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We're a team of growth marketing experts providing SEO services in Sydney. Over 200 successful growth marketing projects, ASX 200 and local businesses have partnered with us. Be one of these successful businesses and start working with us today!.

Local SEO Link Building

We build quality Australian local citation links to ensure your Google Maps listing is ranking at the top of the search engines.

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We provide monthly updates and dashboards that are hooked seamlessly to Google Analytics, Google Search Console and our custom SEO tools to track your monthly growth.

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We're one of the top SEO companies in Sydney with a team who have worked on various acquisition activities, company sales and startups both in Australia and globally. We like to help your company think big by "marketing made transparent".


We ensure all businesses understand based on data what is working for them and what is not, so we can make smarter marketing decisions.

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The starting point for any successful business is to be found across relevant target customer digital channels, locally or globally.

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Brand loyalty is driven by repeat customers who will advocate or engage with your business. We help attract these customers to your business.

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Marketing works when it can be repeated again and again month after month. Our strategies provide long-term repeatable results.

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Local SEO

Local customers, targeted local search traffic in your area. Local SEO helps increase the visibility of your business in your area by driving locally relevant customers to your website. If you have a local business, you need to ensure you have geographically relevant website traffic to drive quality leads to your phone or contact form. We help businesses target local rankings that target specific demographics.

What you can expect

532m offers a local SEO search strategy specifically tailored to your business. We ensure the critical location signals are indexed by Google such as your Name, Address and Phone (NAP) details. We put additional emphasis on geo-targeted inbound links, local on-page SEO and social signals, and review on-going new changes and factors used by Google about the locations most relevant to your business. We use marketing strategies that allow your business to grow organically and acquire higher quality customers. We achieve higher local search rankings than our competitors because we are based in Australia. Or team understands the local search market and we regularly monitor and optimise the traffic sources. We create localised content that provides useful information to target audiences within 5km of your business address. This drives quality traffic to your website which results in improved local search engine rankings.

  • 32% increase in online transactions
  • 56% revenue increase
  • 148% increase in organic traffic
  • 65% increase in mobile traffic

Have a business that services multiple locations? No problem. We will ensure your business appears in local searches on all devices and platforms, including mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Our goal is to help your business gain top local search rankings ahead of your competitors.

With our approach, your business will get targeted local customers to your website which will significantly increase your profitability. Have a physical address and online presence? We will optimise map listings and ensure your online listings are accurate and optimised for Name, Address and Phone (NAP). We want to provide Google easy and consistent access to your business information and location.

Essential to have a Google Places Listing

You have to make sure that your Google Places listing is claimed, relevant and current. If you are unaware of what Google Places is, these are the organic search results that appear with a map listing in Google. If your business has been operating for a few years there is a great possibility that Google has already scanned your website and created a Places page for your company from the information that it has managed to index from the web. If the listing says “Owner-verified listing” then there is someone in your company who has already claimed the page and you should be able to easily log into Google and make any changes if necessary.>We will do this by providing:

Useful Local Search Tips:

  • Try to think of the page as an editorial feature on your company.
  • Don’t go around and make the description short or sound funny. This will not help you with SEO.
  • You need to make sure that you have completed all the sections. All of these pages are scored by Google and it won’t give you any score for a section that you haven’t given the time to edit.
  • Google won’t give you a full score if you haven’t used up all of the options that are within a single section. This means that if you have a competitor with 10 photos and 5 videos, this will automatically give him an advantage over your listing with just one of each.
  • Try to think of the page as an editorial feature on your company.
  • Don’t go around and make the description short or sound funny. This will not help you with SEO.
  • Respond to any SEO enquiries within 1 business working day.
  • You need to make sure that you have completed all the sections. All of these pages are scored by Google and it won’t give you any score for a section that you haven’t given the time to edit.
  • Google won’t give you a full score if you haven’t used up all of the options that are within a single section. This means that if you have a competitor with 10 photos and 5 videos, this will automatically give him an advantage over your listing with just one of each.

Business Citations

You should try to get listed in other local directories as well. Local directories for your suburb or neighbourhood services areas are usually edited by local people. This is what sets them ahead of the national directories such as Yellowpages or Yelp. Both play their part but usually, your time is best to be spent making sure that you are placed in the relevant section of as many local directories as possible. There will also be local listings for businesses from your chamber of commerce of local community pages. osTechnology helps position businesses for multiple business service areas and can help your business grow into metropolitan, regional and statewide online marketing.

Make sure to keep the business name and phone number the same throughout since Google uses these as another way of confirming that your business is actually real. This is also known as ensuring your NAP listing is consistent (name, address and phone). If you find out that the local directories have a review system of their own, it’s again up to you to encourage your customers to leave reviews in there

Map Search Optimisation

Organic SEO strategies we implement help businesses get listed in map search results. Ever wanted how to get listed in the special map results, ask your local SEO expert at 532m.

Local map search results are critical for businesses who want to get listed for specific suburbs or target customers from their local city. We help businesses dominate their local service areas. More importantly, we will help position the content of your website to compete against your local competitors and ensure all your contact details are correct. We help your business dominate for local SEO. NAP stands for Name, Address, Phone Number. Managing your NAP ensures the details of your business presence (address, contact details and how you are found) is consistent across multiple sources and websites on the web. To rank well in organic search results, your NAP must be consistent. Search engines like Google take this data into consideration when determining geo-targeted search results. We make sure your NAP is correct and consistent across various platforms. Sometimes, your business may have changed locations and phone numbers. This requires our team of map specialists to merge your citations and update your references. When search engines cross-reference your NAP from a various trusted and authority websites, this forms validation that you are a legitimate business improving your search engine ranking.

  • Accurate NAP – When accurate NAP (name, address and phone number) details are available, this will drive the search engine results in your favour when a customer searches nearby.
  • Address Match On Website – The NAP details must match what’s on your website and also needs to be in a special schema.org format.
  • Proximity – Google measures the proximity of your business to major city markers.
  • Number of Reviews – Reviews need to be updated by "real" customers in the local area.
  • Quality Local Links – Map citations that are from trusted and authority websites in your local area helps to build domain authority to your website- one of the crucial factors to increase your search engine rankings.
  • Number of Local Citations – Several reputable business listings in your local area, city or region will improve search engine rankings and local search visibility. A few high-quality business listings is better than many that are irrelevant.
  • Number of Third-Party Reviews – We help encourage your customers to give feedback, reviews and comments on third-party sites to help build credibility around your business and brand.

Organic SEO

Trusted and proven way to grow your online search engine rankings organically. "Our organic search strategy is proven to work for all our customers, because we focus on the online marketing strategy that is right for your business. A strategy that brings in trusted, relevant customers."

Organic SEO preparation. We work with our clients to find out what is preventing them from ranking well in search engines. We help businesses understand and prioritise what requires immediate attention. For example understanding the content types are ranking well in your website and implementing changes to help improve your organic SEO marketing campaign. We fix inconsistencies in your page content that has a negative effect on content quality, ease of use to read and depth of content. These factors together with the page and website architecture all play a key role in your page rank.

Understanding your market and industry. We help businesses better position themselves in search rankings by understanding why your competitors are outperforming you online in organic search listings. We guide businesses through the SEO world implementing organic SEO from start to finish. By helping businesses understand the quality of inbound links and focusing on distribution channels for this, we have enabled businesses to focus more on quality SEO rather than quantity of SEO links thus optimising and improving their search rankings. Our SEO team will use in-depth intelligence and data to position keywords for your organic search strategy. By using appropriate keywords and developing appropriate content for users to engage with your business, we can help your business unleash higher ranking in your search engine results page (SERP). Expect lots of high quality, relevant and search engine optimised content targeting high volume keywords. Customise, package and report. We implement your local SEO, organic SEO, analytics and sales optimisation strategies. Whether you are just starting out or an existing business, we have customised packages that will suit your needs. Our long service history successfully delivering organic SEO, we understand all the industry threats, upcoming Google algorithm updates and direct you to the specific SEO strategy that matters for your business and bottom line. Learn more Free SEO Consultation Request a Free Quote

Organic Search Traffic

Did you know organic search traffic for Google was 30% and Yahoo was 31%? By implementing our Organic Search Technology solutions, our network of trusted sources and SEO tools will help you capture this untapped resource of organic search results.

  • Indexed: Organic content is indexed gradually and provides authority boost
  • Unique: Organic content is unique, relevant and high quality. Content is king.
  • Guarantee: Guaranteed long term results with organic SEO

  • Almost 1 in 3 Google Organic Search visits are from mobile technology devices. Our SEO team will help you unlock these hidden organic search capabilities and help you capture the organic search traffic. An example of what we deliver for customers: We will implement metrics and analytics framework across the entire website, including social metrics to help measure non-site sources. Statistical analysis provides insight into the web traffic type, behavior of users on the site, popular content and website usability. This will form the framework for your customized SEO strategy. Organic SEO naturally builds search engine traffic, authority and trust to your website. When organic search engine optimisation is implemented successfully you will increase the chances of customers finding your site among thousands of other pages indexed by Google. Organic search engine optimisation (SEO) can be compared to organic food products. As organic foods are naturally good for the consumer, organic search engine optimisation is the number one way businesses get found. Websites naturally optimised for relevant content gain more trust with customers and subsequently shared across social media.

Organic Search and Optimisation

By using different social media marketing SEO strategies you will expand your reach without having to exert too much in terms of resources and efforts. However, since there are a lot of social sites, you might find it a bit hard to know which SEO strategy will best work for you and which popular sites exactly will help boost your marketing positioning.

Facebook is considered to be the largest social network, with nearly 1 billion users. This makes it very popular with marketers. Many find Facebook to be a good resource for social media SEO thanks to the many types of social management tools that are available to use in order to boost your visibility online to your targeted audience.

There are two methods that can be used for social media marketing in Facebook. The first one is purchasing ad space in order to boost traffic. This works the same ways as posting paid ads on other websites. Prices of paid ads vary depending on the exposure you want to generate. The more popular of the two methods for SEO in Facebook is through the use of its features. Creating fan pages is seen as one of the best social media marketing tools that can be used to set up place for your promotions.

You can promote your company by using good social media SEO strategies while using relevant keywords within your marketing niche. Using good keywords as one of your social media management tools will further increase your ranking in the search engines. You should also check to see if there are any other social media management tools that can be used to optimize your fan page on Facebook.

Once you have created your fan page, you can start posting high quality content. It would be a mistake to simply post ads to your website. Instead try treating it the same way as your personal page. Alongside your ads, post some random things, using only good keywords to optimize your SEO strategy. This way your page will become more lively and users may find it interesting and would want to come back to check out more content. Another thing of great importance when marketing on Facebook is to always interact with the people who visit your site.

Another very popular website is Twitter. The biggest difficulty when using Twitter as one of your social media marketing tools is that you have a limit of 140 characters. Thus you have to know exactly how to make use of the format properly in order to optimize your social media SEO marketing.

A good idea is to not try and put as much detail as possible in a single tweet, and instead use your tweets to link your readers to pages where they can find more information on the subject. Try to come up with a smart tweet using relevant keywords to precede the link that you are posting. To save up on the so precious characters, use URL shortening tools which is probably one of the best social media management tool available on Twitter.

It’s very crucial to find the right people to connect with on Twitter, especially if you want to get the right traffic for your site. By joining specific groups on the website you will find more potential audiences. On the other hand, re-tweeting subjects that are related to you is another good way to attract more audiences.

YouTube is by far the most flexible social media website, as it allows you to use multimedia, like video, sound and text. However, using YouTube also has its own set of issues that have to be worked out in order for your social SEO strategy to run smoothly.

You might be tempted to make your video a paid ad on other more popular videos, but this is not a really good idea. Paid video ads can be easily skipped by viewers, and often they end up becoming useless social media management tool for marketing. Instead, try to post your promotional videos as public videos that can easily be accessed by everyone. Remember to link your videos back to your home channel for even better results and to optimize your social SEO strategy. Lastly don’t forget to give your video title containing keywords, a relevant description and tags.

These three websites are just some of the many social media websites available online to be used in your social media marketing strategy. For the best results to your SEO campaign you can use more than just one of them.

Case Studies

Local SEO

Skyrocket your sales by driving your website to the top of local listings. Master pest Control went from 0 to 2500 organic followers a month within 24 months

eCommerce SEO

Become a marketplace champion with a specialised eCommerce SEO strategy that boosts traffic AND sales. DavesDeals went from 0 to 12,000 customers within a year

Enterprise SEO

Make a monumental impact on your bottom line with scalable enterprise SEO strategies. Novotel saw triple level growth within 12 months

Pricing FAQ's

How do I get a quote?

You can request an obligation-free quote by completing our online form, sending us an email, or by calling (02) 8604 4036.

What are your modes of payment?

We understand time is precious for all business owners and managers, so to assist, we process all payments using direct debit via credit card or bank account. We will help set this all up for you, so there is no need to chase around invoices or follow up on lost payments.

Do you offer long-term contracts?

Yes, we offer long-term contracts and will bill you on a monthly basis. We encourage clients to commit long-term to retain their visibility on Google search. (In fact, some of our clients have been with us for over five years.)

For those unsure whether or not they need long-term SEO service, we’ll take time to talk to you and analyse the marketing landscape specific to your industry.

A long-term SEO approach takes into consideration industry competitiveness and how fast things can change with every Google algorithm update.

Can I hire you for a project-based SEO service?

Yes, we offer month-to-month SEO contracts. We understand how unpredictable it is to run a business and acknowledge our clients’ budget constraints. Our goal is to cultivate a lasting relationship wherein you can approach us whenever you need that extra boost.

What happens after I sign up?

Our team will send you the complete SEO plan, so you’ll know exactly what to expect every step of the way. You will receive monthly reports to keep track of deliverables and search rankings. Depending on your availability, there would be a monthly strategy review where you can communicate any business updates, additional requests, or even change of business or product direction.

Do you guarantee that I’ll rank on Google?

Many agencies will promise to make your website rank on Google for a number of keywords in a short span of time. This may seem good on paper, but, in reality, these “easy keywords” will not bring any traffic or value to your website.

The fact is that making your website rank #1 depends on a number of things including your industry, competition, and the quality of your existing website. SEO entails a lot of hard work. We guarantee to implement tried-and-tested SEO fundamentals and implement a solid, long-term approach to making your website rank for keywords that will drive traffic and revenue to your business.

Will there be hidden fees??

No hidden fees. We scope out all work which is required, work which is outside of scope and work that we need additional clarification before the start of each milestone.

Can I cancel anytime?

Compared to other agencies or SEO marketers, 532m does not work on any lock-in contracts. We work based on clearly defined deliverable milestones and dates to complete the work.